Guidelines Posters presenters

Thank you to all authors who have submitted an abstract for the WG !

General information for oral presentations

1. Authors with an abstract accepted as oral are allowed to print the paper as a poster as well and post it on the assigned poster panel. Please check the second Paper Reference (O_XX | P_XXX)

2. The Paper Reference, the session and the date of your oral presentation are indicated in this email. We will inform you about the time assigned to your presentations on the following weeks.

3. The list of oral presentations will be available in the Final Programme

4. The Presenting authors should arrive at the meeting room 15 minutes before the beginning of the session and introduce themselves to the chairpersons

5. Meeting rooms are equipped for PPT, PPTX and PDF projection. Personal laptops are not permitted. Please bring a copy of your presentation with you on a USB memory stick and deliver it to the technician of the meeting room where your presentation will take place 3 hours before your session starts.

6. The time allotted to each oral presentation 6-8 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion. Please note that it is very important that for a smooth development of the congress all authors respect the presentation time.

7. The authors who present in Sessions number 2, 6, 11 and 15, please read carefully the attached document with the specific session instructions.

General information for posters

1. The Paper Reference of your poster is indicated in this email and identifies the poster board where you should post the paper.

2. The list of posters will be available in the Final Programme.

3. Material to fix the posters on the panels will be available in the poster area.

4. The maximum size of the poster must be 90 cm wide and 120 high portrait and must include the title, authors, affiliations and contact address and email. It is recommended to use font size 24 point to ensure it is legible. The official language of the congress is English.

5. Posters will be displayed during all the meeting at the Posters Area. Authors are kindly requested to be available in order to reply the questions raised by the delegates.